10 Comfortable and Cozy Living Rooms Ideas You Must Check!

Getting that right look and feel for your casual living room can sometimes take more work than you’d think, unless you know where to look for your inspiration. To help you get that simple living room that you’ve always dreamed of, we’ve put together a series of design options that will help you make sure that you always have the right inspiration to help you create the room you’ve been searching for.

Get ready for the perfect round of motivation that you’re looking for.


You’ll find a lot about this image that screams cozy.  This is all about creating an inviting space with the right features to promote style yet also make sure that everyone is comfortable and feeling like this is a modern space for all to enjoy fully.  Look at how the darker colours in the furniture and area rugs are lightened up and complimented by the light colour on the walls.

This creates a very “put-together” look that is certainly going to make sure that you get the look that you are going for.  Without a doubt, this is a great example of a cozy living room.

The Neutral

You can see that this is all about accentuating the light and making sure that it remains a warm and inviting space from top to the bottom. The built-in book shelves are great character and arrange perfectly to offer the right kind of look and feel for the space.

The fireplace is nicely decorated, the brick offering some authentic feel to the room right off the bat.  As  far as living areas go, this is a great design with curtains and a window seat that can offer some seclusion if you’re looking for it.  The colours are all neutral with subtle pops of colour here and there for a memorable impression.

This would make a great living room [in a] winter edition.  This is warm and inviting and sure to give you all of the cozy feelings that you are looking for in the right design.

Wood Panel

This cozy living room idea goes back to a lot of the basics.  It uses wood panelling that, on its own, would darken the room, bu the warm hues of proper lighting and framed shots on the wall can allow the light to trickle in through the carefully chosen accessories.

The curtains offer a break from the wood grain with their gentle pattern, and the tones are followed through with the area rug as well. The chairs and even the coffee table are all about luxury and sophisticated comfort so that it can bring together the right elements to create the right introduction to anyone who comes into the space.

This would double as a great study, too, making it ideal for those who want transient options in their living room decor.


One glance at this, and your eyes go directly to the beamed ceilings.  The design of this room is spectacular, and the wooden beams are the definitely meant to the focus point.  The dark wood on the mantle and in the furniture matches, too, bringing the entire room together perfectly.

With warm curtains and furniture, this inviting cozy living room is great for when you are hoping to focus all of the matching elements together without being too match-y about it.  When you are looking to create an elegant living room, this is definitely an essential element.

Element Combining

Similar to a few that we looked at, this one is about combining elements to create the right kind of modern appeal.  The room is cozy due to the wooden beams, the natural stone, the warm colour scheme, and – of course – the fire place.  This room is all about the idea of putting together the right spot to welcome loved ones.

The best elements to admire here are the furniture and how it al comes together to offer comfort but style, and center the room perfectly.  These are great additions to a room that is all about character.  The wall of windows is a nice touch too, of course.

Break First

This is  white room that helps bring the light into it more than you would think possible.  The built in bookshelves add symmetry to the room – an important element to admire – and the window has curtains so that it can be shut off when you need to take a break from the outside world.

The furniture is nice neutral colours, and the pillows offer some splashes of hues that will help bring this modern room together in the right way.  The fireplace add some fun to the space, too, and helps create the winter cozy feel.


Small, but reflective, this living room decor speaks to a simpler time where you can enjoy the white washed look and the subtle touches of wood grain.  This is a great option to really enjoy the gentle touches of everything together and leave lots of room for personalization in the accessories that are going to liven up the spot.

This allows the light to be the main aesthetic in the room, but you aren’t going to find anything missing from its enjoyment.


This uses a lot of the same elements that we’ve been looking at, and the brick wall acts as an accent feature that really speaks to the bold room. The open concept of this large room really adds some personality to it, and the white ceiling and wall really give some class and sophistication. The mirror and greenery perfect the place to offer the right comfortable feeling that you’re going for.


This is simple but properly understated. The perfectly centred picture fames add symmetry, and the dark furniture is made all the brighter by the chosen accent pillows in bright and neutral hues. The room has proper lighting both artificial and natural, and everything comes together to give a natural but modern look that will be cozy for all company. Perfect for a simple but memorable idea.

Long Living Room

​Lastly, this room uses subtle colour with a white space to really bring some vibrancy into this cozy living room. Long and narrow, you’d think that it’s too tight quarters, but it’s far from it. This is enjoyable and modern and full of personal touches that really finish off the piece perfectly. All about the winter edition of living rooms that are cozy and well designed. This will help you see that there is no end to options available to do you for your cozy living room design.

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