8 Teen Bedroom Theme Ideas That’s So Great!

Teens have unique ideas of what they consider as “cool bedrooms.” Teen bedroom themes reflect things such as their personalities, aspirations, and ideas. Teens also use their bedrooms as parts of their “world,” where they create, relax, study, and share stories with friends. Designing a teen bedroom can be a hassle (and surprising), but there are several design principles you can apply.

Personality: Key to Design Teen Bedroom Themes


When designing their bedrooms, teens are often torn between childhood fun, personal ideas, and more “adult” themes. Many of them also realize that they are going to have more responsibilities. Current trends, hailed by the internet and social media, can also affect a teenager’s decision to decorate a bedroom. All of these must be considered when designing a teen’s bedroom.

The best decision is to create a balance between adult-oriented design and fun youth elements. For example, you may choose more demure shades than the typical child’s bedroom colors. However, there must be wall arts, ornaments, lighting fixtures, or upholstery patterns that reflect the teenager’s personality.

A teen bedroom must have special spots that accommodate their interests. Depending on the teen’s hobbies or activities, these special spots may come in the forms of guitar stand, wall racks for action figure collections, bookshelves and reading nook, craft table, or microphone stand. Many modern teenagers love to decorate a corner of their bedrooms to create mini Instagram or YouTube studios.

Creating Functional Areas in Teen Bedroom


Regardless of themes and design elements, all teen bedrooms must have distinctions between their functional spots. A typical teen room must have clear separations between studying, sleeping, and hanging out spots. These spots can be signified with furniture items, area rugs, and partition sheets.

If the bedroom is small, you can do these tricks to create a multipurpose bedroom without cluttering it:

Create vertical-oriented design


Designing vertically is recommended for a small bedroom. You can use items such as bunk beds, wall storage space, and floating shelves to save space.

Add bench on the footboard


Adding a bench on the bed’s footboard can give the teen extra seating space. You can also use a flat-surfaced chest that can provide extra storage space.

Install magnetic or cork board

Magnetic or cork board is great to display notes, paper sheets, and pictures without cluttering the desk. It also gives teenagers to display their artworks, dream lists, or other important things they print, draw, or write.

Remove unnecessary furniture parts

If the teen bedroom is small, consider removing headboard to save space. You can also opt for a frameless bed.

When determining the design, make sure you consider every element carefully. The next sections will discuss several ideas to create an ideal teen bedroom.

Decorations for Teen Bedrooms


Teen bedrooms should have bright or relaxing decorations, depending on their personalities and taste. Avoid excessive decorations or childish colors, especially if the room is still used until adulthood. Here are some decorations ideas for a teen bedroom:

  • Unique wall arts

A teen bedroom may have neutral or demure wall colors. The decorative elements can be added through unique wall arts. For example, the teen bedroom can have detachable decals, themed graffiti or stickers, neon lamp arrangements, or unique wallpapers.

  • An unusual twist of regular furniture

Teenagers love looking different, and they still like choosing bedroom furniture that reflects their fun personalities. Things such as round bed (instead of square), unique bookshelf, or hanging chair can add twists to a regular teen bedroom.

  • Texture combinations

Another non-excessive way to decorate a bedroom is by combining different textures. Balancing fabric and hard elements can create a comfortable atmosphere in a bedroom. You can combine wooden floor with patterned curtains, fake fur carpet, brightly-colored bed cover, fish tank, and unique pillows.

Teenagers must also have adequate storage space in their bedrooms. Aside from regular closet and drawers, teenagers can use various things as creative storage places. Things such as chest on the bed’s footboard, storage space underneath the bed, floating cabinet, and a basket that serves as a small table are great storage spaces in a teen bedroom


A teen bedroom reflects the owner’s personalities, ideas, and activities. Despite the wide range of ideas, a teen bedroom should still have comfort, adequate storage space, multiple functions, and a great but versatile design. Use these ideas if you don’t know how to find the best teen bedroom themes for your kids.

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